Rhinoplasty Nose Job Surgery Cost in Chicago: Why You Shouldn’t Cut Corners

Rhinoplasty Nose Job Surgery Cost in Chicago: Why You Shouldn’t Cut Corners

If you’ve been considering changing the shape of your nose, you’re not alone. A nose job (or rhinoplasty) is a ubiquitous cosmetic surgery procedure, as the nose is a very defining facial feature. Because it protrudes from the face, it’s incredibly noticeable and heavily affects what the rest of the face looks like.

When it comes to searching for where to get your nose job done, you might be tempted to go wherever offers you the best deal. Most people will want to get the most bang for their buck.

However, surgery isn’t just about the results you get or how much you pay. It’s also all about the time, care, effort, expertise, training, dedication, and knowledge that your surgeon and other medical professionals put in.

There simply shouldn’t be any corners being cut when it comes to your health. Now isn’t the time to be thrifty. There are many surgeons in Chicago, but it should go without saying that some are simply better and more qualified than others.

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Cost of a Rhinoplasty in General

The rhinoplasty cost can vary significantly depending on the patient, procedure, and surgeon. Prices range from around $3,000 – $10,000 in the United States for primary and revision procedures. In addition, the extent to which the nasal structure needs to be modified to achieve the desired aesthetic outcome impacts the cost of a nose job.  Those seeking rhinoplasty should discuss all associated costs with their board-certified plastic surgeon before undergoing the procedure.

Factors that Can Affect Rhinoplasty Nose Job Surgery Cost

Here are some factors that can affect rhinoplasty surgery costs to help you understand why rhinoplasty prices vary from one quote to another.

1. The Surgeon’s credentials, reviews, and experience

The main factor that will affect how much your prospective nose job will cost is your surgeon. It can depend on where they’ve gotten their credentials from – if they’ve attended a more prestigious institution, they will likely charge more. If the surgeon has a large number of positive reviews, then they are also likely to charge more money. And if they’re more experienced, you can expect to be paying more as well. 

The best and most skilled plastic surgeons are in high demand, and their time comes at a premium.

The reverse is also true. Surgeons from less prestigious institutions with less glowing reviews and less experience will usually try to attract customers with lower prices because that’s the only method they can use.

2. Specific techniques used

The techniques that surgeons use will differ and depend on the specific rhinoplasty. Some nose jobs are more complicated than others. 

People with more flesh or cartilage in their noses will usually have to pay more for nose jobs, while someone who’s just looking to narrow their nose might pay relatively less money. 

Someone looking to have a rhinoplasty to breathe correctly might also have to fork over a little more cash as such procedures can be more complicated and time-consuming. 

A revision rhinoplasty, where the surgeon is redoing another surgeon’s poorly-done job, is usually more expensive as well.

3. What is included in the nose job cost

Many places that offer you ‘cheap’ quotes will end up being a lot more expensive than you primarily thought. Someone might give you a quote, but you could find that the fine print states that it doesn’t cover many other related costs. 

Some costs you need to be aware of include:

  • Surgeon’s fee (the bulk of the cost)
  • Anesthesia fee
  • Operating facilities fee
  • Surgery garments fee
  • Medical test fees
  • Prescription medications fees

Often, more reputable and better-established surgeons and practices will offer you quotes inclusive of most if not all costs. 

4. Location

Of course, location plays a part in quotes as well. While you search for Chicago nose job prices, make sure you consider the locations of the surgeries. More rural parts will usually offer lower quotes, as they don’t have high overheads. 

5. The need for a follow-up surgery

There may be a need for follow-up surgery depending on how the nose sets and recovers after the initial surgery. Follow-up surgery depends on how well the surgeon has performed the first surgery and how well the patient followed post-surgery instructions.

However, sometimes patients and the surgeon can do everything right, and there will still be the need for follow-up surgery.

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Consider the Quality Involved In Rhinoplasty Costs

You might think that all rhinoplasty surgeries are equal, but more experienced surgeons with plenty of good reviews charge more for a reason. The quality they can deliver to you won’t just mean that your nose job is done to an excellent standard but can also help you in the aftermath. 

When you receive a quality nose job, you’re also getting an experience that comes with the utmost care, dedication, and safety. Beyond just the surgery, the prior consultation and aftercare will be extensive and personalized.

You know that you’re safe because you’re in good hands that have done this many times before.

If that’s not incentive enough, you’ll also significantly decrease the likelihood of needing follow-up surgery, which won’t just save you a lot of money, but time and trouble as well.

Choose the Best Surgeon Regardless of Rhinoplasty Cost

The best surgeon isn’t the one that gives you the best deal. It’s the one that has the experience and reviews to show you that they’re the best for you. 

You can find out via a rhinoplasty consultation whether or not a surgeon will be right for you. They should make you feel comfortable, address all of your questions, and give you all of the information you need to make an informed decision.

Just because a nose job is a cosmetic procedure doesn’t mean it isn’t a serious surgery. Additionally, the cost of your rhinoplasty shouldn’t deter you. Regardless of the cost, you must pick the best surgeon.

If you decide to go with a surgeon that isn’t the best just because of costs, you can be assured that you will end up paying for it – financially, emotionally, and physically.

The best example of this would be follow-up surgeries because you’re not happy with the results of your nose job. Perhaps the surgeon was careless, or they didn’t communicate with you well enough, or they misunderstood you.

Can Insurance Cover My Rhinoplasty Surgery?

Health insurance very rarely covers cosmetic surgery. If the purpose of your nose job is just to enhance your facial features, then you’ll likely pay for it by yourself.

If, however, you need a rhinoplasty to solve a nasal breathing defect that you have or to reconstruct your nose after severe trauma to your face, then your insurance provider might cover your surgery.

It’s worth noting, though, those insurance companies will usually ask for you to prove this to them, and it can often be challenging to do so.

Most customers will have to have some back and forth with their insurance companies and sometimes even appeals. If any portion of your rhinoplasty is functional (meaning reconstruction or solving a breathing issue), then it’s worth a shot to try and get it covered by your insurance provider.

Choose the Experienced Skills of Dr.Sidle

Getting a rhinoplasty is a big deal. Your nose is a significant contributor to your facial appearance that even small changes make a huge difference.

A rhinoplasty is complex and challenging, and if you’re getting one, it’s paramount that you choose the best rhinoplasty specialist to do it for you because you deserve only the best. With board certifications from two individual surgery boards, over 15 years of experience, and a humanistic approach to cosmetic surgery, Dr. Sidle is precisely that.

As one of the most well-loved and respected cosmetic surgeons in the Chicago area (with plenty of patients from other states), he specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, head, and neck. Dr. Sidle also teaches facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery at Northwestern University and hosts lectures nationwide.

With Dr. Sidle, you’ll be receiving a comprehensive consultation so that you can ask any questions you have, no matter how big or how small. You can obtain all of the information that you’d like and need to come to a conclusion.

During your consultation, Dr. Sidle will meet with you personally and discuss your individual needs and goals. The entire process will be tailored and customized to you.

He will listen to all of your desires and concerns, expectations, and recovery period limitations, then perform a detailed examination and discuss your treatment plan.

Call here if you’re interested in what Dr. Sidle can do for you.

About Douglas M. Sidle, MD, FACS

Dr. Sidle specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery of the face, head, and neck. His services range from minimally invasive office procedures with little to no down time to major operations leading to dramatic improvements in appearance. Dr. Sidle is one of a select group of cosmetic surgeons who are “double boarded”. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and by the American Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery.
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