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Hair Surgery for Women

The balding patterns in women differ from those of men, thus different procedures may be indicated. Most commonly, a diffuse thinning pattern is seen, usually more concentrated in the top and side of the scalp. Wigs or hairpieces are often a solution for hair loss or thinning. While not always possible, micro- and mini-grafting can increase hair density in an inconspicuous fashion- with naturally growing hair.

Another example of hair loss in women is the loss of hair in the temples as a result of a facelift operation. This can be corrected surgically with micro hair grafts or expanders.

Many women complain of a high forehead, long forehead, or a high hairline. This is the situation where there is a greater than the desired distance from the eyebrows to the hairline. This distance is ideally between 5 and 7 centimeters. When there is a high hairline, the face can look elongated and/or attention is given to the forehead rather than to the eyes and the rest of the face. Also, as aging occurs and the brows droop, the high forehead (long forehead) or high hairline becomes still more pronounced. Hair stylists recognize this and invariably style the hair with bangs. This is usually effective in framing the face in attractive proportions. In some cases where the hairline is very high, bangs can be ineffective. It can be very difficult to style your hair with a high hairline.

Hairline Advancement (Shortening of Long Forehead) for Women

A Simple, Quick Procedure – Those women who have a high forehead (high hairline) and have hair styling problems from this, now may have a simple solution. Many of these situations can be treated with a simple one-stage hairline advancement operation which would enable the patient to appear in public within 2-3 days of the operation with a new, lower hairline with full-length hair. Moderate swelling and bruising can take up to 1 week to resolve.

This operation, in which Dr. Sidle has extensive experience, costs much less than more commonly employed follicular unit grafting, which would require two to three sessions and take many months before achieving a comparable result. This operation can also be combined with a forehead or brow lift to achieve the optimal result in those with both a high hairline and aging, drooping brows. If the scalp is tight and more than 3 cm of advancement is needed, a two-stage procedure can be considered. A one-on-one consultation with Dr. Sidle will help you know which procedure will work best for you.

Why Prefer Dr. Sidle for Hairline Lowering Treatment

Experience Matters. As a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon at Northwestern with expertise in the face and neck, Dr. Sidle can provide you with an individualized plan to achieve your goals of a more youthful face. Call our office for a one-on-one consultation.

Post-Operative Instructions

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